1. Pagan Elders

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This is an informal survey for a paper I, M. Macha NightMare (Aline O'Brien) am writing exploring the concept of eldership in contemporary Paganism. Use of the word "elder" in this survey means elder in the sense of a formal role within a group, organization or religious community.

Responses will be collected until January 15, 2012. Thanks to all who help by responding.

* 1. Do you feel that there is a need for elders in Pagan communities? If so, how do you think elders should be comprised? Check as many as apply.

* 2. Have you ever consulted elder(s), or have you wished there were someone to consult, on a matter of spiritual, ethical, personal, interpersonal, or community concern to you?

* 3. Have you ever served your community in the capacity of elder? If so, for how long and for what purpose(s)? Check all that apply. Use text box for additional comments.

* 4. If you think having recognized, designated elders has value to our communities, how do you think they should be chosen? Check all that apply. Use text box to add other selections criteria.

* 5. What functions do you think elders should perform? Check all that apply. If there are other functions you think elders should perform, please add them in the space provided.

* 6. If you come from a non-Pagan religious tradition of origin or from an ethnic community, did that religion or community have recognized elders?

* 7. A bit about yourself.

* 8. What is your age?

* 9. How long have you followed a Pagan path?

* 10. We know how diverse the contemporary Pagan population is. As what kind of Pagan do you most identify yourself? (For purposes of this survey, I am including Heathens within the overall term "Pagan.") Feel free to specify what your tradition is, i.e., Gardnerian, ATF, Georgian, Unicorn, Feri, Dianic, Reclaiming, etc.; or ADF, OBOD, etc.; Troth, Asatru, Norse, etc.; Julian, Hellenic, Celtic reconstruction, etc. Check all that apply.