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* 1. Thank you for giving us feedback on your global learning experience

  5 = Strongly agree 4 = Agree 3 = Not sure 2 = Partially disagree 1 = Disagree
I enjoyed this type of lesson more than working with a textbook
I found the work challenging.
I could see that language has a real purpose.
It made me more aware of cultural differences and similarities
I have a better understanding of French/German/Spanish/Japanese culture
I now understand that there is more than one way of thinking about this topic
This lesson has changed the way I think about ______________ .
I can see how what I have learned in languages in this way can be used in other subjects
I would like more lessons like this

* 2. What did you like best about it?

* 3. Any other comments/suggestions/feedback that you would help us improve language learning at Tile Hill Wood School?