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Despite integration products having been around for 15 years, there is very little published data on how successful they have been. This survey is intended to capture some of that data and opinions from practioners and users by asking:

1. How successful are integration projects in general?
2. What influence do integration products have on project success?
3. Do you expect to use integration products in future?

This survey can be taken anonymously or you can provide your email address in which case we will share the summarized survey results with you. The survey is short (12 questions) but all of these questions are mandatory except for the last two questions which give you the opportunity to share your thoughts about integration with us and request the survey summary.

Please note, although OnRamp works for various SaaS integration companies, this survey is totally independent and is not funded or influenced by any company. Data originating from this survey will be used for research purposes only and will not be shared, resold or otherwise provided to product or service vendors.

* 1. How many integration projects have you been involved with over the last 24 months?

* 2. What % of the integration projects you have been involved with met their original objectives?

* 3. What % of these projects was on budget?

* 4. What % of these projects was on time?

* 5. Of all these projects, what % are still in use:

* 6. What % of these projects were based on:

* 7. How useful do you think integration or middleware products are?

* 8. Do you believe that integration products save time, money or resources?

* 9. Do you plan to use an integration product for future projects?

* 10. If you answered "yes" to Question 9, please tell us which integration project you would be most likely to use.

* 11. Please share with us any comments that are relevant to your experience of integration projects. The following text box scrolls, please write as much, or as little, as you like.

* 12. If you would like a summary level copy of the survey data, please enter your email address.