Dear Principal,

You are receiving this because one of your staff has expressed interest in participating in the "Tomorrow's Principals & Senior leaders" Queensland program for 2013.

Ordinarily, applicants would have discussed their intentions with their principals before forwarding this recommendations form.

Could you please complete this form to indicate your approval and recommendation re this person's application.

If you have more than one staff member applying, you will need to complete a separate recommendation form for each applicant.

If we accept this applicant into the program, he/she will be sent confirmation of enrollment and some program details. An invoice for the $900 course fee will then be sent to the email address that has been nominated on the applicant's application form. Please ensure that you have clarified with the applicant the contribution that the school will be making to the fee.

Please contact me if you want to discuss any aspect of the program.

I pray that the program will be a blessing to you and your school through the work we do with this applicant.

Ray Tiller
Equipping Christian Schools
Phone: 0409 646 279