Survivor's Hope Crisis Centre is working on a new community consultation and networking project. We want to hear from service providers and community members across north eastern Manitoba in regards to their experience of the gaps and barriers to service regarding sexual violence. Your voice will be heard and will inform training modules, resource guides, and future projects that we will develop out of this project. Thank you for taking the time to participate! Feel free to contact us directly if you have any further questions or concerns. Phone: 204-753-5353 Email:

* 1. In which community are you most involved?

* 2. If someone in your community currently needed help in regards to an experience of sexual violence, where would you suggest they go?

* 3. What gets in the way of people accessing help from the resources you just mentioned?

* 4. What additional resources do you wish were available in your community for those who need help in regards to an experience of sexual violence, whether the experience is recent or happened in the distant past?

* 5. Check off the topics you think would increase your understanding of sexual violence and support services?

* 6. What is the best way to share this type of information with you and those you know?