* 1. As FIBR continues to develop programs and activities that engage, inform, and support the growth of our members, we look forward to the opportunity to further your awareness and knowledge about potential international trade and investment in a variety of markets. With the support of one of our Associate Members who has extensive experience in international affairs and trade development (Gathers Strategies, Inc.), we have developed a number of programs over the past two years and we are interested in identifying your needs and interests as we look ahead to future programs. PLEASE complete this brief survey so we can hear from you about your interest in international business development. Please take a few minutes to answer the following questions as this will help us better serve you!

Is your company currently exporting or considering exporting?

* 2. Is your company currently importing or considering importing?

* 3. If interested, or currently involved, in international business, which regions of the world are of most interest to your company (mark as many regions as you wish or mark down specific countries of interest):

* 4. What information or services will be most helpful to your company as you consider and pursue your international objectives (mark as many as you wish):

* 5. Should FIBR seek to undertake its own “pavilion” or booth space for FIBR members at select domestic or international trade shows that will promote FIBR and its members?

* 6. If yes, would FIBR members be interested in Canada 2013?

* 7. The following questions are optional: Your survey is anonymous. However, it would be helpful to know a little about you, please answer any questions you would like.

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