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What are the study objectives?
  • To recognize a GCMY member as a champion of the UN SDGs and enhance the Group’s leadership in Climate Change and Human Rights initiatives in Malaysia and across ASEAN.
  • To position a GCMY member as an enabler of ‘sustainable business’ in Malaysia
  • To position participating companies within an index of Human Rights compliance against their contemporary peers
What will happen in this research?
Participants will need to answer a questionnaire about their companies’ Human Right compliance. The information provided should be of the participants’ best knowledge, although some questions may require reference to company documents. Participants are encouraged to be as thorougher and comprehensive with their responses as possible as this will allow for a better analysis of data, thus allowing for the company to be positioned correctly within the UNGC Malaysia Index of Human Rights compliance.

What are the benefits?
The study will produce a ratings index for Human Rights compliance, in which participants can see how they stand against contemporary peers. This will allow those who are doing exceptionally well to be recognised by UNGC Malaysia and the wider business community. The study will also produce a report on the current condition of Human Rights compliance among Malaysian firm, with common themes and issues raised in the study. Thus allowing participants to reflect upon their strengths and weaknesses compared to their peers. The data collected may be used in further research to further analyse the strengths and weaknesses of Malaysian firms to produce future recommendations.

What are the discomforts and risks?
This study is non-maleficence, in that it intends no physical harm upon the participants. The participants may feel under pressure from the work environment not to disclosure negative information, however this data will not be shared and thus should not pose an issue. Should however a participant feel uncomfortable answering a question, they may skip over the particular question or exit the survey. Participants may opt to leave the survey at any point and will not be forced to complete it.

How will my privacy be protected?
All data will be stored on a password protected computer. When results are disclosed; the index will be an amalgamation of data and thus individual information is not visible. Whilst the report and further research will anonymise all data, so the company of disclosure cannot be identified.

Whom do I contact for further information about this research?
For further information please contact the UNGC research associate, Stephen Homer at

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