Purpose and Scope of these Guidelines

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Survey Version #2
Updated August 25, 2014

Our purpose with this survey is to aid the construction and design communities in working together to establish industry guidelines for the creation of PDF construction documents. The purpose of the Guidelines for Construction PDF Documents is to provide Architects, Engineers, Constructors and Owners (AECO) with a common framework in which to create and maintain Construction PDF Documents.

The scope of this Guideline covers Construction PDF Documents created by the design professionals and contractors in support of constructing the project. This includes, but is not limited to, design drawings, design specifications, design changes, submittals, and facility operation and maintenance documentation. These guidelines are intended to supplement the documentation set forth in the team’s Project Execution Plan (PxP).

The intent is for the Project Team (ideally the AECO, including the Owner’s Operation and Maintenance Personnel) to use this Guideline as points for discussion during the formation and execution of the project in order to agree upon how Construction PDF Documents are created, used and maintained on the project. By using this Guideline as a template, the Project Team can quickly gain alignment and agreement on the best solution for the project. As the Guideline was written in an informational and best practices format, each project will result in different implementation based on Project Team composition and experience with Construction PDF Documents – the important activity is that the Project Team convenes a meeting, using this Guideline as the template for discussion.

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