* 1. Have you purchased or read (i.e., borrowed from a friend or read through Kindle) any or all of my book, "Borderline Affairs?"

* 2. What theme(s) resonated most with you when reading any or all of my book? 

* 3. (Optional) What diagnoses have been assigned to you or suggested to you or by you? 

* 4. (Optional) What, if any, self-harm tendencies do you display, have considered or have acted upon?

* 5. What methods, if any, methods have you tried to date to alleviate your symptoms?

* 6. Which types of medications, if any, are you currently or have previously been prescribed?

* 7. How do you best learn? 

* 8. (Optional) Demographics, Part I

* 9. (Optional) Demographics, Part II - Age

* 10. Please enter any additional information you think people should know about you, such as sexuality, type of drug use, multiple diagnoses, etc. If you wish to be contacted, please include your contact information. Your identity is kept secure and private and is not shared with anyone other than myself, for the purposes of this survey. 

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