This survey is to be carried out in preparation for our Ironman Learning Event

As an organisation we are all wanting to pro-actively learn from our safety incidents and prevent repeat occurences.

Accepting personal responsibility for learning about safety is key and this Learning Event intervention is just one of the ways to do so.

Please take 3-5 minutes to complete the following questions.

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* 1. To help us to analyse all of the responses that we collect, we would like you to provide a few details about yourself. Again, all of this information will be completely confidential and will not be used to identify anyone’s individual responses.

In your day to day work .....

Do you have line management responsibilities?

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* 2. Which Central Function are you in?

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* 3. What are you expecting to learn from the event?

I expect to......

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* 4. How will you apply what you have learned?

I will...