The Colorado Board of Coopeartive Educational Services (BOCES) and eNetColorado has signed an agreement that provides all Colorado K-12 schools and districts and the Colorado Department of Education unlimited seats to Esri's ArcGIS software.

To receive free Esri software, please provide the following information. Upon completion of this form, you have agreed to use Esri GIS software for educational purposes only on computers used in your school district.

Your request will be processed within seven days and license information will be send to the email address listed in this form. If you have any questions about this process, please contact Dr. Teresa Yohon at

* 1. Requester's First Name

* 2. Requester's Last Name

* 3. Job Title

* 4. School District

* 5. Email Address

* 6. Telephone Number

* 7. In what content areas will Esri GIS software be used?
(Examples: STEM Program, Geography, Business, etc)

* 8. In what grade levels will Esri GIS software be used?

* 9. Which Esri Software licenses do you need?

If you are interested in Esri GIS software not listed, add the software titles in "Other."

* 10. If you requested ArcGIS Desktop software, indicate which type of software you would like?

* 11. If you requested a concurrent license, how many seats or licenses do you want?

* 12. Please provide the names and email addresses of teachers you think will be your primary users or early adopters of Esri GIS Software?

(Email addresses will be used to learn how teachers are using ArcGIS software in the classroom and to identify best practices.)

* 13. K-12 School Acknowledgment Statement

As a Licensee, you agree to use the Software, Data, Web Services, and Documentation solely for instructional purposes.

* 14. K-12 School Acknowledgment Statement

Licensee shall not use Software, Data, Web Services, and Documentation for any commercial or profit-generating activities.

* 15. K-12 School Acknowledgment Statement

Teaching and research staff of Licensee, conterminous with the Agreement and with each individual's tenure at the K-12 School, may install and use a copy of the Software, Data, Web Services, and Documentation on the individual's personal computer only for academic-related purposes.