* 1. Please provide the following details:

* 2. Why are you applying to participate in the mentoring programme?

* 3. What do you expect from participation in the mentoring programme?

* 4. What are the goals you wish to achieve with the support you receive during the mentoring programme? In what specific area/field do you need mentoring?

* 5. Please list some of your personal goals you have achieved so far. What are you most proud of and why?

* 6. What major challenges are ahead of you in the upcoming year?

* 7. What leadership skills do you have, and why do you consider them your strengths?

* 8. What do you do in your job to create value?

* 9. What is your personal motivation?

* 10. By submitting this application I undertake that if I am selected for the mentoring programme, I consent to prepare for and actively participate in the mandatory programmes (trainings) and workshops jointly organised with my mentor to the best of my ability. Furthermore, I will abide by the co-operation framework undertaken in the mentoring programme.

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