2013 Barton County Library Children's/Teens Summer Reading Program Survey

If your child/children participated in our 2013 summer reading program, please help us evaluate our program by taking this brief survey. We appreciate your participation in our programs and look forward to your comments. Thank you for your time.

Barton County Library

* 1. How did you learn about the library's summer reading program?

* 2. Have you participated in our summer reading programs before?

* 3. As a result of participating in the Summer Reading Program, did your child's/children's-

  Increase Stay the Same Decrease
Reading skill
Amount of reading
Use of library
Enjoyment of reading/reading voluntarily

* 4. If your child/children attended any of our special events, did your child's/children's knowledge about the subject...

* 5. Please rate the following events:

  least favorite event it's ok, but not my favorite favorite event

* 6. The rewards/incentives offered by the library encouraged my child to read.

* 7. What changes, if any, would you like to see in our incentive program? (including type/amount)

* 8. Do you plan on participating in future programs?

* 9. Do you/your children have library cards?

* 10. Please let us know what a difference our summer programs made for your family and help us improve our program by listing things you like/do not like about the summer program, any changes you would like to see, things you don't want to change, including guideline/rules, types of programs you prefer, etc. (optional)