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You can WIN by taking a few short minutes to complete this survey and - if you do so before Monday, May 15 – you’ll be able to add your name to a drawing for a FREE racquet. Your responses will help us shape how we communicate with you, and what information is the most relevant for CRA audiences. We appreciate your time and insights! In order to have your name put in the drawing, you must provide your first and last name in Question 10.

* 1. What would you consider as your primary source of news and information for Colorado racquetball?

* 2. Of the 4 quarterly newsletters published by the CRA in any given year, how many of the 4 have you read?

* 3. What would be your preferred method for obtaining the latest racquetball information? Please rank the following options with 1 being your most preferred, and 5 your least preferred:

* 4. What type of information is most important to you? Please rank the your interest in the following types of racquetball information:

  No Interest Little Interest Some Interest Much Interest
Rules / Refereeing
Meet and Play Information
National News
Club News
Players Bios / Human Interest
Equipment Reviews
Coaching / Instruction

* 5. What is your age?

* 6. Are you active member of USAR (USA Racquetball)?

* 7. What is your skill level?

* 8. Do you play tournaments?

* 9. Do you have any recommendations to help the CRA better communicate racquetball information?

* 10. What is your name (optional)? You will need to provide this if you want your name entered into drawing for the racquet.

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