Review the 2018 Region 5 Training Bonanza

* 2. In Which portion of the Training Bonanza did you participate?

* 3. Please rate each rotation on a scale of 1-5. 1 being "please don't make me ever do that rotation again" and 5 being "That was phenomenal! Thank you so much for having that rotation!"

  1 - Please don't make me do that again 2 3 - Whatever - take it or leave it 4 5 - That was phenomenal! N/A
Forms with Mr. Muennix
Limb Control with Mr. Chandler
Staff with Master Robinson
Creative Forms with Mr. Jansa
Required One-Steps
Required Forms
Kids Limb Control
Kids Creative Forms
Kids Kicking with Double Dragon
Kids Lightsaber
Kids Staff with Master Robinson
Bonus Knife Session with Master Perkins

* 4. What was your favorite part of the Training Bonanza

* 5. What would you like to see added next year?

* 6. Did you like the 45 minute lunch session this year, or did you prefer the shorter snack sessions from years past?

* 7. For those folks staying in town on Saturday night, dinner can be a challenge. Please rank the following dinner options, 1 meaning "nope, I won't participate in that" and 5 being "sign me up now!"

  1 - Nope, I won't participate 2 3 - Maybe I will, maybe I won't 4 5 - Sign me up today! N/A
A fully catered event at a local restaurant, buffet style. Prepay ~$25-35 per adult, $10-20 per child (No dress blues! Just come out and hang out and eat!)
Food either brought to the University or to the hotel - i.e. a combination of food like Chipotle, Panera, Pizza. Prepay ~$15-20 per adult, $10-15 per child
Reserve space at a sit down restaurant for everyone with a limited menu. Prepay ~$20-$30 per adult, $10-$15 per child
I'll just do my own thing, thanks!

* 8. Please provide any additional comments.