The Michigan 4-H State Youth Leadership Council (SYLC) is a statewide leadership opportunity for youth ages 15-19. Youth are selected for the council by application and interview with a state committee of MSUE staff and current Michigan 4-H SYLC members. Council members are representatives of the Michigan 4-H Program promoting 4-H at various events; planning, conducting and evaluating national, state, regional, county leadership programs and serving as role models to other youth. Council terms are two years.

Qualifications: Any 4-H participant, age 15-19 as of January 1, 2018 can apply for a council position. As long as the applicant meets the age requirements at the time of the application, they are eligible to serve in this role even if they "age out" before the completion of their term. In addition, the 4-H'er must be currently enrolled in a 4-H program, in good standing in their local 4-H club or unit, and have been involved in 4-H for at least two years. Applicants should have an interest in leadership and able to commit time (minimum 30 hours annually) to the completion of SLYC activities. Candidates should be selected by a state committee on the following basis: 4-H experience; personal interview; recommendation by MSU Extension Staff and volunteers.

Meetings: The Council meets monthly through zoom online video conferencing and will hold at least 2 in-person meetings in conjunction with other state 4-H events.  It is expected that SYLC members attend at least 70% of the monthly meetings.  Attendance is strongly encouraged at the 4-H Teen Leadership and Global Citizenship Spectacular (Kettunen Center, January) and 4-H Exploration Days (MSU Campus, June).

SYLC activities include: promoting 4-H through state and local activities, serving as the face of 4-H at 4-H donor events, meeting with 4-H stakeholders and elected officials, providing youth voice on 4-H program and curriculum development, training in public speaking, advocacy, and leadership skills. Optional opportunity to represent Michigan in attendance at National 4-H Conference, Washington DC (April 2018 or 2019).

There is no cost to apply. Some scholarships may be available to off-set travel expenses to attend face to face meetings and events.

How to apply: Interested youth should complete electronic survey which will serve as their application. Applicants will be required to provide two references; one being their 4-H Program Coordinator* or other 4-H staff, and the other being a non-relative adult of their choice.  It will be the applicant’s responsibility to distribute reference form information to their selected individuals. References will also be submitted electronically, with links being provided at the conclusion of this survey. *While a staff reference is preferred, if 4-H Program Coordinator or 4-H staff is not readily available, a 4-H volunteer may be substituted. 

The SYLC application window will close on October 27, 2017. Selected applicants will be contacted by SYLC advisors to arrange time for an interview following the closing date.
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Note: There are 18 questions in total. You are welcome to preview the questions to allow time to think about your responses and return at a later date (by Oct. 27) to complete and submit your application.