CACEHR mission"To promote self-sufficiency and improve the quality of life of those in need"

If you would like to further discuss your experience or share your ideas to help CACEHR become a better agency. Please include your contact information or call our Quality Assurance Department at (419) 626-4320.

* 1. What county do you live in?

* 2. What was the purpose of your visit?

* 3. How did you learn about CACEHR

* 4. What CACEHR service have you utilized as a customer

* 5. Overall, how easy do you find it to schedule appointments?

* 6. Were you greeted in a timely manner and treated with respect?

* 7. Were our facilities clean and accessible?

* 8. Were you able to get the information/ services you needed?

* 9. Did our staff recommend other programs or agencies to further help your needs?

* 10. Would you recommend our agency to friends and family?