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* 1. Parent(s) Name(s)

* 2. Age(s) of your children

* 3. Do you have a child currently enrolled in one of our programs?

* 4. If Adas Israel provided educational programming/childcare until 6 PM during the work week, would your family be interested? If yes, what factors are contributing to this need?

* 5. What type of programming do you have in mind? Childcare/aftercare/Judaic programming/cultural programming/fitness/athletics, etc.

* 6. Adas has a policy of inclusivity for families with children who have special needs. Is there a need that Adas Israel is not serving for your family? If yes, what is the need?

* 7. I would like to speak to a staff person or lay leader about an issue addressed in the survey (yes or no). If yes, please provide preferred contact information.