The year 2015 has been set as a time to celebrate the contributions of volunteers and learn more about the implications of volunteering, service and civic engagement for Illinois. In preparation for 2015, Generations Serving Generations, in cooperation with the Serve Illinois Commission, the Illinois Dept. on Aging, the Corporation for National Service and the McCormick Foundation, invites you to share your ideas and begin planning in your communities and organizations.

Please answer the following questions about volunteers and using information.

* 1. In 2015, if you could implement one idea or change associated with volunteering, service or civic engagement, it would be related to (select one)

* 2. In this era of information overload, roughly what percent of news stories do you check for accuracy?

* 3. Please identify your generation :

* 4. I want to be involved in the planning for 2015: A Year for Celebrating Volunteers.