Introduction to Urban_Wins and informed consent form

Dear Sir, dear Madam,

You have been selected as a relevant stakeholder within the EU Horizon2020 project Urban_Wins, meaning that your opinions, competences and expectations are of great importance to us!

We hope that you will be willing to participate in the project! If you are happy to be involved, please fill in the personal data at the beginning of the online questionnaire and tick the box that you read and agree with the information from this section before continuing with the filling in of the survey.

What is the purpose of the project? 
Urban_Wins (“Urban metabolism accounts for building Waste management Innovative Networks and Strategies”) (project no. 690047) aims to develop and test methods for designing and implementing innovative and sustainable Strategic Plans for Waste Prevention and Management in various urban contexts based on innovative, inter-disciplinary and participatory approaches that will enhance urban environmental resilience and will guarantee progress towards more sustainable production and consumption patterns together with improvements in the recovery of waste and the use of recovered materials. Specifically, the development of Strategic Plans will be built on the base of improved knowledge of the factors that influence the metabolism of cities and of a deep understanding of how those factors can be transformed in positive drivers of technological, non-technological and governance changes. 27 partners from 6 different countries are involved in Urban_Wins (local authorities, research bodies & universities, companies, NGOs). Comune di Cremona (Italy) is coordinating the project. The project is funded by the Horizon 2020 programme.

What does your participation involve? The objective of this survey is to elicit information concerning your organisation in order to enable the identification and analysis of the most relevant local, regional and national stakeholders to be involved in the deployment of Urban_Wins activities.
In fact, Urban_Wins has a strong participatory approach, due to the understanding that besides well-made policies (based upon research and scientific evidence), a real transformation in waste prevention and management will occur when the behaviour of organisations and citizens (as components of families, public administrations, enterprises, etc.) will change. Therefore, gaining a better insight on what your role as organisation is, what your interest and what commitment you have to improve resource use, waste prevention and waste management, is of crucial importance for understanding where the starting point is for setting common visions and objectives that can inspire the change.

Who is carrying out the activity? The specific Work Package for which the current survey is realized is carried out by Faculty of Sciences and Technology of the University Nova de Lisboa (FCT NOVA), Portugal. The task within which the survey is deployed is lead by Fondazione Ecosistemi, Italy.
How will the results be used? The data from this survey will be analysed and used for project reports and presentations and potentially in academic publications. Moreover, we will use this data in order to identify the most relevant waste management and prevention stakeholders from national, regional and local levels. In this sense, we ask your permission to contact you at a later stage in order to invite your organisation to take part to the project activities and to become members of the online and physical agoras that will be created within Urban_Wins.
Without your express permission neither your name, the name of your institution nor any other personal and organisational identifying information will appear in any reports, papers or presentations resulting from this survey. Anonymous data may be made available to the project partners to assist them in assessing and improving the project.

What will happen to the information you provide?  All data collected and processed in this activity will be handled in compliance with the Data Protection Act of your country and in compliance with the internal procedures for personal data management of Comune di Cremona, the project coordinator. When necessary, the information will be anonymised and stored in a secure location.

Participation in this survey is entirely voluntary. You may decide not to answer questions or provide certain data if you wish. You may also decide to withdraw from this activity at any time (if you decide to do so, any material regarding your participation will be deleted or destroyed). We may ask for clarification of some points, but you are not obliged to clarify or participate further.
You have the right to access and correct your own personal data. For this purpose, you must send any queries about the processing of your personal data to the contact indicated below. You also have the right to have recourse at any time to the European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS).

If you have any queries specifically about Data Protection Issues you may contact the Urban_Wins project Coordinator, Mara Pesaro, Director of the Strategy and territorial development department, Comune di Cremona, via Aselli, 13/A 26100 Cremona CR Italy – – 0039 0372 407559.

Thank you for your assistance and participation in this Urban_Wins survey!

Yours Sincerely,
Mara Pesaro
Urban_Wins project coordinator


This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 690047.
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