Thank you for participating in “Managing Love, Work, and Pandemics in Living Apart Together (LAT) Relationships among Academics and Professionals,” active until 15 September, 2020.
LAT relationships are characterized by loving and intimate bonds between two people that are committed to each other long term, but live in separate households (Duncan et al., 2014; Levin, 2004).

If you self-identify as university faculty in a LAT relationship currently or in the past, please consider completing this survey. It will ask you questions about your life and your arrangements of LAT. Please also consider forwarding this survey to your partner(s).
What is this study about and how will the data collected be used? This study aims to understand how LAT arrangements impact the lives, career prospects, and success of faculty/staff at universities, and how the pandemic has impacted academics’ ability to be with loved ones.

The goals are: 1) to gain a better understanding of the relational dynamics of LATs among university faculty/staff in Canada, normally and during a pandemic; 2) to develop institutional policy and employment strategies in university settings; 3) to develop family counselling and career development recommendations.

Who are the researchers?  Dr. Serena Petrella, Associate Professor, Sociology (, 204 727 7412); Dr. Breanna Lawrence, Assistant Professor, Educational Psychology (LawrenceB@BrandonU.CA, 204 727 9698), Brandon University, 270 18th Street, Brandon, Manitoba, R7A 6A9.
What is expected of you? The Survey takes about 15-20 minutes. You will respond to statements, based on how accurate they are or how much you agree. You can skip questions, if you prefer.
By choosing to complete the survey, you have given consent to have the information provided included in this research study.

How will your confidentiality and anonymity be protected? Data will be anonymized, the researchers will not know the identity of the participants. No identifiable information, such as email addresses or IP addresses, will be collected. Any identifying information about participants will not be shared. Survey data will be encrypted and stored on SurveyMonkey, a protected website (privacy policy

Responses will be kept on a password-protected computer, and data will be deleted 5 years after the closing of the survey.
What are the risks of participating? Participating in the study is low risk. You may gain some insight on the impacts LAT has had on you. If this insight causes discomfort, you can withdraw from the study at any time without consequence.

Why participate? Benefits may include insight into your LAT relationship(s). Your response will contribute to knowledge and development of appropriate policies and practices at the University level, and recommendations related to family counselling and career development.

How can a participant withdraw?  If you decide that you no longer wish to participate, you are free to leave the survey incomplete: your data will not be included in the study. However, once you submit your response, we will no longer be able to withdraw your information, as it will be submitted anonymously.

Has this study received ethical approval? Ethics approval was obtained, you may verify this, or raise any concerns or questions you might have, with the Brandon University Research Ethics Committee (BUREC), at 204 727 9712, or

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* If I have questions about my rights in this study, whom do I contact? By consenting to participate in the survey, you have not waved any rights to legal recourse. Any concerns or questions can be sent to the BUREC.Top of Form

How can I get a copy of the survey’s results? Email Dr. Petrella or Dr. Lawrence for a copy and if you wish to have the findings of the research project explained to you, the researchers will respond via email.

Thank you in advance for your participation! Do you consent to be included in this study?