ELA, SS, Math, Special Education, & Exploratory Dept Chair Nominations

Department Chair – Fit Questions

Please consider the following strengths as you think of who you would like to lead and represent your department for next school year. You can elect to remain anonymous if you'd like. Science teachers will vote once all positions have been filled. 

1.   Is effective at motivating team members who seem discouraged?
2.   Is effective at collaborating and setting realistic instructional goals?
3.   Has a wealth of knowledge on the content subject matter?
4.   Is effective at supporting new teachers with the curriculum?
5.   Effectively communicates with all team members?
6.   Builds positive relationships with all students?  
7.   Is open to giving and receiving constructive feedback?
8.   Has a strong working knowledge of technology required for subject implementation?

* 1. What is your name (Last, First)

* 2. Which content area will you teach in the 17-18 school year? (please only vote for your content specific chair) 

* 3. Please type the name of the person you would like to nominate as Department Chair for SY17-18? (please only vote for your content specific chair)

* 4. An area of strength that I would like to see in my future department chair would be….

* 5. Roles and responsibilities I believe the department chair should take ownership of are …