1. The opinions of UCL staff about recent events (the unofficial survey)

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Last week, academic staff in UCL’s Faculty of Life Sciences were astonished to get a letter from the Dean, Mary Collins, stating that “it seems likely that the only way we can achieve a balanced budget now and in the future is to reduce staff costs, including academic posts. This has been reported to the UCL Council and it has been agreed to establish a Redundancy Committee under Statute 18 in case academic redundancies do prove to be necessary”.

The loss of support staff posts does not require the establishment of a redundancy committee and we expect more information about this in the near future.

In the brave new world of UCL, a lot of people are scared to speak out publicly so we have created an anonymous forum at http://ucllifesciences.wordpress.com/ . There you can submit comments (or email longer items to be posted), with anonymity guaranteed (though you can use your real name it you want to).

This very short survey (5 questions, 2 minutes) is designed to allow you to express your opinion. As well as the multiple choice selection, each question allows you submit a free text comments.

Please note that you can omit any questions that you feel unable to answer, or leave a comment only, without choosing any of the options.

The names of contributors will NOT be made public, and if we wish to quote comments, your permission will be sought first (please use you real email address: it will not be divulged).

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