* 1. What area best describes where you reside?

* 2. Are you completeing this survey as

* 3. Would you or anyone in your household ever use public transportation?

* 4. Would you use public transit if it operated more frequently and had more stops in your area?

* 5. Are you able and willing to walk to the closest bus stop, if so how far?

* 6. Would you transfer buses to reach your final destination if trips were more frequent?

* 7. Would you use public transit if you could see on a computer or smart phone exactly where your bus was and when it would arrive at your stop?

* 8. Would you use Public Transportation for commuter service if it were available:

* 9. Are you aware that IndiGO offers Shared Ride services that pick you up at your home and take you safely to your destination, and return you when your ready?

* 10. What could IndiGO do to make public transportation work for you?

* 11. Would any of the following factors make you more likely to use IndiGO?

* 12. What is your age group?

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this survey, your input is very valuable to IndiGO. All surveys received will help plan the future service at IndiGO.
Please mail completed survey to IndiGO P.O Box 869 Indiana Pa 15701 or fill it out on line at http://surveymonkey.com/s/nonridersurvey … or check us out on facebook and twitter "indigobus". if you would like a response or have questions please include your contact information 

* 13. Contact information