* 1. The Global Warning unit was engaging. I felt interested in the work most of the time.

* 2. I found the Science and Hass work useful in understanding the topic of Global Warning.

* 3. The P3 (Publically Presented Product) challenged me to think and use a lot of what I had learned in the Global Warning unit.

* 4. Which of the capabilities did you use in this unit? 7 for used this capability a lot or 1 for not at all.

* 5. The speakers throughout the unit were engaging and helped my understanding of the whole Global Warning unit.

* 6. The topic of Global Warning is linked to the real world and this helps with my understanding overall.

* 7. List the new things you learned in this unit.

* 8. How could this unit be improved?

* 9. List all the jobs/occupations that are related to this unit.