There are several parameters we must work within when establishing the school calendar.  These parameters are set by governing bodies such as the Ministry of Education, legislation (The Education Act), etc.  In order to meet the required hours of instruction for students, and work within the established requirements set by legislation, our flexibility is somewhat limited when determining calendar options.
Below are a few of the parameters we were required to work within when creating the calendar options:
  • The first student day has been set by government as Tuesday, Sept. 4th.
  • The Christmas break must commence no later than Dec. 23rd and end no earlier than Jan 2nd. 
  • Departmental exams for high school students are scheduled by the Ministry of Education. January 2019 exams are scheduled from the 23rd to 28th.  June 2019 dates are scheduled from the 20th to 26th. 

* 1. Please select the title that best identifies you below:

* 2. There are 2 days scheduled in lieu of tri-conference  (student-parent-teacher) interviews.     
I would prefer that the day in lieu for these interviews be scheduled:

We would like to obtain feedback regarding specific parts of each calendar that may be of interest to teachers, support staff, students and parents.   With your feedback on the questions below, we hope to establish a calendar that will meet a number of needs and interests.

* 3. For high schools and K-12 schools - Departmental exam dates are set by the Ministry.  For the 2018/19 school year, these exams are scheduled from Jan. 23 to Jan. 28.
Please indicate below your preference for the January PD day and end date of semester 1.

* 4. If the days in lieu of interviews are scheduled in Nov. and Mar. then in order to meet the number of student days, one of the breaks would need to be shortened or teachers would need to return earlier in August. 
Please indicate your preference below:

* 5. When there are teacher PD days scheduled during a month, I would prefer:

* 6. All calendar options include 5 days in August for teaching staff - Aug. 27 to 31st, in order to maintain the number of instructional days for students, while retaining the school breaks.
Please indicate your preference below with regards to the operational days in August:

With your feedback regarding the specific areas of importance, we will endeavor to adjust the final calendar to meet your needs as identified above.