Visio Rack Diagramming

At SolarWinds, the Product Management team is always talking and listening to the needs and asks of our customers. This may happen in the form of personal conversations, on thwack, or in conversations with your sales or support representatives.

One topic that we would like to investigate further with you is your needs, wants and desires in by way of rack diagrams / modeling that you are doing in Visio.

If you're like most IT folks, today you are likely using Visio to model your racks, server closets, and datacenter. A few of you may be using the management software provided by your UPS or KVM vendor, but those packages may not have all of the model information you need to accurately depict your equipment. Some folks won't use anything at all, because it's too much of a pain to maintain.

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* 1. Approximately how many people in your company

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* 3. Do you use Visio to model / diagram your equipment?