Dear survey participant,

My name is Carlos. I am a private student at the University of Liverpool in England, currently involved with the development of my dissertation towards an M.Sc. degree in Project Management. My disseration is titled “HOW DO MEMBERS OF CONSORTIA COLLABORATE IN PURSUIT OF PROJECT GOALS”.

Many large and complex projects throughout the world are executed and delivered by consortia, an association composed of multiple companies. Consortia face many challenges in delivering projects efficiently and effectively, with a number of researchers claiming that the performance of consortia is directly dependent on how its members opt to collaborate.

Various studies have been conducted on inter-company relationships, collaboration frameworks, collaboration antecedents, team effectiveness, teamwork, and even on inter-company collaboration in project environments, with a generalized agreement on the importance of collaboration on project performance outcomes.

There is however limited knowledge on the complexity of inter-company project collaboration processes, inter-company collaborative relationships, and collaborative team dynamics in project environments.

My dissertation aims to address these issues, and I am expected to collect sufficient qualitative and quantitative data to:
• Examine how members of consortia collaborate in securing project objectives
• Validate the reasons why consortia are formed to execute projects
• Ascertain the criteria used to define consortium success
• Understand the major challenges facing consortia as they collaborate to achieve project goals
• Determine the mechanisms used to coordinate project activities of consortium members
• Investigate the impact of cultural differences on consortium collaboration
• Assess how consortium members deal with conflicts of interests
• Assess the impact of trust, commitment to the project, and the degree of inter-company relationships on collaboration processes
• Understand how consortia members promote teamwork and collaboration

In this regard, I will collecting both quantitative and qualitative data, as follows:
• Quantitative data will be collected by means of a non-probability sampling design, through this anonymous questionnaire-based survey, with the data being analysed and presented statistically
• Qualitative data will be gathered through semi-structured interviews, with the data being analysed through a grounded analysis technique

I am very much aware of the ethical issues to be considered when collecting data for cases of this nature. I wish to assure you that I have completed a thorough Ethical Checklist with the University of Liverpool, undertaking to protect the privacy and respect the dignity of all research participants, the confidentiality of all research data, the anonymity of all individuals and organizations, and to ensure that no harm of whatever nature is caused to any of the potential participants.

My personal contact details and those of the advocate at the University of Liverpool are provided below:

Student Name: Antonio Carlos Neves
Student Number: H00016134
email address:
Telephone number: +40-758-220-121

Advocate at the University of Liverpool:
Phone number: +1-612-312-1210
Email address:

I thank you for your kind participation in this survey.