The responses in the exercise that you will soon complete will form the starting point for a discussion seminar that will take place shortly. It is therefore important that you answer all questions carefully.

The exercise is also part of a larger research project run by Örebro University in collaboration with Umeå University. Since it is important that we can guarantee your anonymity in this process, we ask you to create a personal anonymous i.d. We also ask you to provide some basic information about yourself (gender and age). 

At the seminar event, we will tell you more about what this research project is about and after this you will also have the opportunity to decide if you want your data to be removed from research database in an anonymous post-survey. Thus, to enable this, an anonymous i.d. is a prerequisite.

Question Title

* 1. How would you define your gender identity?

Question Title

* 3. How would you describe yourself in terms of language identity? Note that you can have more than one language identity, bilingual Swedish and English speaker, for example.

Question Title

* 4. Which group do you belong to?

Question Title

* 5. Personal ID for anonymity
Create a personal ID that is:
1. unique to you,
2. which you will easily be able to remember,
3. which only you know is yours (eg not a nickname everyone calls you),

There are no requirements regarding format. You can use any letters numbers or characters as you like.