* 1. On most days, how enthusiastic are the students about being at school?

* 2. To what extent are teachers trusted to teach in the way they think is best?

* 3. How positive are the attitudes of your colleagues?

* 4. How supportive are students in their interactions with each other?

* 5. How respectful are the relationships between teachers and students?

* 6. How optimistic are you that your school will improve in the future?

* 7. How often do you see students helping each other without being prompted?

* 8. When new initiatives to improve teaching are presented at your school, how supportive are your colleagues?

* 9. Overall, how positive is the working environment at your school?

* 10. Overall, how supportive has the school been of your growth as a teacher?

* 11. At your school, how valuable are the available professional development opportunities?

* 12. How helpful are your colleagues' ideas for improving your teaching?

* 13. How often do your professional development opportunities help you explore new ideas?

* 14. How relevant have your professional development opportunities been to the content that you teach?

* 15. Through working at your school, how many new teaching strategies have you learned?

* 16. How much input do you have into individualizing your own professional development opportunities?

* 17. Overall, how much do you learn about teaching from the leaders at your school?

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