General use of your electric vehicle for longer distances

We are canvassing (current and future) fully electric vehicle users to determine the level of interest in an electric vehicle specific navigation app system that will remove range anxiety.

The information will be used to determine the need for the suggested features and the business viability of developing such a professional product (More info at

Your information will
...a) remain anonymous unless you opt to be kept informed at a later date
...b) only be used to support the development of this navigation app

If you have any concerns about this survey please contact
...Robert Sharpe
...07711 252971

Thank you for your participation

Question Title

* 1.

Please select the model of a electric vehicle that you use to travel long distances
(please select only one entry)

Question Title

* 2. What is the maximum journey distance (in miles) you would currently use your electric vehicle for without charging?

Question Title

* 3. Select any of the following that you use to plan long distance trips using unfamiliar charge points?

Question Title

* 4. Typically how many minutes does it take to plan the following type of journey
...a) 1 charge point journey to a destination
...b) a given duration stay at the destination
...c) a 1 charge point return journey
(for a charge point and destination you have haven't used before)

Question Title

* 5. What level of concern do you have with the following when doing longer distances?
(select one entry in each row)

  Minimum Some Moderate High Very high
it is time-consuming to plan a longer journey
the charge point may not be working
the charge point may be in use
the car's range estimate is not accurate

Question Title

* 6. Do you use public chargers and if so which operators are you registered with?