The ILBIJERRI Ensemble is going to be part of the Fringe Festival 2021! Register now to be involved!

No experience needed, just an interest in theatre & storytelling!

Last year, we had amazing guest masterclasses with the likes of Deborah Mailman, Tony Briggs and Shira-Lee Hood! We've got some more plans in the works for the ILBIJERRI Ensemble that will ultimately lead to the Ensemble putting on their own devised performance. We're inviting more special guests to meet with us online fortnightly to have workshops with you alongside our deadly facilitator Nazaree Dickerson with selected workshops in-person!

Our first session will be a meet-and-greet info session where we'll yarn about the year and the exciting things to come! This will be:

Wed 30 June, 6:30pm

This season, we want to cultivate your ideas into an ILBIJERRI Ensemble original devised performance! Incorporating the talents you have while learning new talents along the way. We'll be going through the process of putting on an independent show that platforms your voices and the stories that you want to tell.

The devised work will be your voices speaking to online culture and how to navigate the world safely. If you have any ideas that speaks to online culture, come along and meet the ensemble so we can all share together and develop a piece we're all proud of!

Register now! Come join other like-minded mob as we share and help each other grow strong together.

Through the ILBIJERRI Ensemble you will:
- Learn new skills and build confidence
- Collaborate with emerging and amazing established First Nations theatre practitioners
- Build industry networks and career pathways
- Get opportunities to showcase your talent
- Create and perform a devised work

Open to emerging Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander actors, performers, community members and storytellers (aged 15+) – the ILBIJERRI Ensemble weekly online program allows you to level up your performance skills from home whilst working closely with renowned theatre practitioners, including our Artistic Director, Rachael Maza.

If you are keen to be involved, fill out the survey below.

Any questions, please contact:

Caleb Thaiday
Associate Producer
T 0407 741 646

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