University of Minnesota Extension

University of Minnesota Extension
Dear Friends:

Thank you for willingness to submit and share your Stormwater BMP case study to be considered for our Stormwater U: Repeating Successes in Stormwater BMPs - Lessons Learned Workshop series. The purpose of this survey is solicit for potential Stormwater BMP case studies and compile a list for our planning team review. Once your project has been selected we will contact you for additional information. The survey should only take a few minutes.

Thank you for your support.

* 1. Please tell us about yourself.

Tell us about your project:

* 2. BMP Type:

* 3. Location:

* 4. Land Use:

* 5. Size (estimates are O.K. for now):

* 6. What does your BMP discharge into?

* 7. What was your BMP designed to treat? (For Example: nutrients such as phosphorus, nitrogen, sediments, hydrocarbon, PAHs, heavy metals) - Please be specific

* 8. What year was your BMP completed/built?

* 9. Do you have:

  Yes No
Project documentation such as engineering designs, grading plans, site assessment, and BMP selection process?

* 10. Briefly explain your project. Please be specific and make sure to include each of the followings: a) project name, b) stormwater BMP type, c) what do you think is the interesting aspect of the project, d) what were the problems/struggles that you faced, e) what was the goal of your project, f) what didn't work as planned or what went wrong, g) what worked or was successful, and h) what are the lessons learned from your project.

Thank you for your time in taking this survey.