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* 1. How has your visitation to Calico Basin changed since Red Rock implemented a reservation system for the scenic drive?

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* 2. How often have you encountered a park ranger while out recreating in Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area?

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* 3. How frequently do you visit Calico Basin?

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* 4. How frequently do you visit Calico Basin specifically for Rock Climbing?

Thank you so much! Please see the proposed plan at:

Attend the meeting Thursday, November 18th:

And send your thoughtful, viable ideas for how to improve the RAMP to the official comments email:

Try to give useful suggestions for how the Calico Basin Recreation Area Management Plan (RAMP) might be improved.  This might include pursuing adaptive management strategies, increased enforcement of current regulations, or adjusting the number of parking spots available. Share all your thoughts and comment.
Let them know you have critically thought about this problem, and that you care about pursuing this RAMP in the best way possible for current and future generations.
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