Under legislation, EPA is mandated to co-ordinate environmental research in Ireland. Research funded by the EPA under the Science Technology Research and Innovation for the Environment (STRIVE) programme is strongly focussed on providing support for developing new environmental policy and implementing current policies. This work is carried out under three pillar areas: Climate Change; Water; and Sustainable Environment. This survey relates to the Sustainable Environment Pillar.
The thematic areas covered under this research pillar include:
• Environment & Human Health
• Waste & Resource Management
• Impacts on Biodiversity
• Soils and Land-use
• Socio-economic Considerations
It is the intention of the EPA to launch a research call in the area of ‘Sustainable Environment’ in late July. As part of the preparation for this call, EPA is conducting a consultation involving research performers, research users and research funders to seek to maximise delivery of effective, targeted research within the context of limited budgets.

The Agency is interested in obtaining views on the priority areas listed under these areas in the following survey pages. This information will be used as part of the preparation for research call subject to EPA Board approval.