Gateway to College 

Please answer the questions listed below in regard to the information session you just attended online. 

* 1. How does the Gateway program work? Where do students go to take classes?

* 2. What are three benefits of the Gateway Scholarship?

* 3. What does the Gateway scholarship pay for and how much does it cost the program? What is the cost to students?

* 4. What are three eligibility requirements?

* 5. How long will it take to earn a high school diploma?

* 6. List three things you have to do to keep the Gateway scholarship:

* 7. How many hours of homework can you expect every day? What supports can you use to help you succeed?

* 8. List four questions you should ask yourself before applying to the Gateway program:

* 9. What makes someone a good candidate for the Gateway to College Program?

* 10. What is your name, address, phone number, and email address? What are the next steps to apply for the Gateway scholarship?