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Question Title

* 1. What would you say are Covington’s greatest assets?

  Most Important Very Important Important Somewhat Important Not Important
1. Downtown area
2. Quality of life
3. Education system
4. Employment base
5. Park system
6. Location in Tennessee
7. Commitment of residents

Question Title

* 2. How would you rate the current City services and facilities?

  Excellent Very Good Good Not Very Good Poor
1. Police Service
2. Fire Service
3. Garbage collection
4. Parks & Recreation programs
5. Education system
6. Street maintenance
7. Code enforcement
8. City Planning

Question Title

* 3. What are Covington’s greatest challenges?

  Greatest Challenge Significant Challenge One of Many Challenges Somewhat Significant Challenge Not a Challenge
1. Public Safety/Crime
2. Reputation/Branding
3. Lack of jobs
4. Lack of trained workers
5. Tax base
6. Opportunities for youth
7. Blight in neighborhoods
8. Downtown expansion
9. Education system
10. Appearance of gateways and entrances to city

Question Title

* 4. What are your budget priorities for the City?

  Highest Priority Significant  One of Many Priorities Not Significant Not a Priority
1. Parks and Recreation Programs
2. Economic Development and Job Creation
3. Public Safety: Police and Fire
4. Workforce Development & Education
5. Blight Removal and Code Enforcement
6. New Housing Development
7. Beautification of City Gateways/Entrances
8. New retail development
9. Maintain or reduce the tax rate