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Dear Undergraduate Student,


Many thanks for agreeing to take part in the survey. Your demonstrator has to complete this module as part of their structured PhD programme which is aimed at improving the teaching skills and performance of demonstrators in the undergraduate laboratory. Thus, your feedback is an important part of assessing the demonstrator’s progress.


This survey is anonymous and voluntary. It should only take 3-5 mins to complete. Both praise and (where justified) criticism in the ‘comments’ section are welcome. Please avoid any comments of a personal nature. It should be noted that an important part of the laboratory for an undergraduate is working things out for themselves (e.g. certain calculations, yields). The primary role of the demonstrator is to ‘demonstrate’ techniques and help students understand the underlying chemistry. In certain cases a demonstrator may not answer a question (e.g. How do I calculate this? What is the answer to the lab-book question?) if (s)he feels it is part of the experiment for the student to work it out themselves. This is being a good demonstrator and should not be interpreted as being unhelpful.


Yours sincerely,


Director of Teaching and Learning (Postgraduate), School of Chemistry

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* 1. Demonstrator name

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* 2. Lab Class (e.g. JF Sem 1, SF Sem 1 JS Sem 1, etc.)

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* 3. Please circle the answer which best matches your opinion on the statement given.

  Strongly Disagree Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly agree
My demonstrator is always on time and well prepared
My demonstrator is approachable if I have questions
My demonstrator engages with the group throughout the lab and encourages me to ask questions
When I ask questions my demonstrator either knows the answer or finds out quickly
I have the impression that the demonstrator understands the aims and underlying chemistry associated with the experiment.
The demonstrator can explain the underlying chemistry to me in clear terms

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* 4. Overall I would rate my demonstrator as being

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* 5. Any other comments?

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