Dear Patient or Family:

Recently, Community Ambulance treated and transported you or a member of your family as a result of an emergency. We hope you or your family member is recovering from the illness or injury. The staff at Community Ambulance is committed to providing excellent emergency medical services to all of our patients. Please take a moment of your time to answer these questions. Your feedback will assist us in continuously improving the quality of care and services we provide.


Greg Beauchemin
President & CEO

* 1. When you called for service, the Dispatcher on the phone was courteous and helpful.

* 2. Community Ambulance arrived quickly to your emergency.

* 3. The Community Ambulance personnel acted in a compassionate and caring manner.

* 4. The Community Ambulance personnel were knowledgeable and competent.

* 5. The Community Ambulance personnel told me or a family member what they were doing and listened to me.

* 6. The Community Ambulance personnel were polite and respectful.

* 7. The Community Ambulance personnel were professional

* 8. The overall quality of care I received from Community Ambulance was excellent.

* 9. The overall actions of the Community Ambulance personnel caused my situation to:

* 10. Additional Comments