1. Which option best describes your student school/group?

2. If you are a teacher, what grade level do you teach?

3. Is your school a Title I School?

4. How did you hear about this program (select all that apply)?

5. Because we seek funding from foundations and/or corporations, we have to report diversity statistics. Please indicate which of the following statements best describes the makeup of your current school/group:

6. Which Historic Character or Storyteller came to your school (select all that apply):

7. Is this the first time you've scheduled a Character Performance through the Dallas Historical Society?

8. Was the Storyteller or Historic Character on time and prepared for the performance?

9. Did the actor represent the history in a fun, entertaining and appropriate manner?

10. Was the performance relevant to the students' studies and/or recent lesson plans?

11. Was the performance:

12. Were the children engaged in the performance?

13. Did the students ask questions during the Q&A session?

14. Did you (as the teacher or group leader) enjoy the performance?

15. Why or why not?

16. Will you consider booking another Storytelling or Historic Character performance in the future?

17. In your opinion, what are the strengths/weaknesses of the storytelling or character performance?