GHCA Alumni Parent Survey

Dear GHCA Alumni Parents,

We are looking to improve the program we offer students at the Academy, so we would be grateful to get candid feedback from people like yourselves who have had significant experience with the school. We need to get your perspective and ideas to help us move forward.

Thanks for taking a few minutes to provide your valuable responses!

* 1. Name and Contact Information (optional, but appreciated):

* 3. Please tell us the name(s) of any trade schools, colleges, or universities that your GHCA grads attended:

* 4. Please check below if any of your GHCA grads took any remedial level courses after high school:

* 5. In what field(s) of employment are your GHCA grads currently working?

* 6. Compared to their freshmen peers, how well did you feel GHCA prepared your GHCA grad(s) for college in the following academic areas?

  Better than most Adequately prepared Minimally prepared Totally unprepared
Public speaking
Critical thinking: analyzing, debating, discussing

* 7. If you now had a school-aged child, would you consider enrolling him/her at GHCA?

* 8. In what ways do you think GHCA excelled as a school?

* 9. In what ways does GHCA need to improve?

* 10. How would you rate your GHCA grad's overall experience at the Academy?