WELCOME! You are about to take the first step to becoming a SWELL STAR!

You don't have to be a gym rat, an athlete or a health nut to join! Complete these three easy steps to a healthier semester!

* Complete the brief registration form
* Set your own wellness goal for the semester
* Register your goal with SWELL on Google Circles

* 1. Please Select/Create Your Goal (Please create one goal at a time.)

* 2. This goal is:

* 3. How long would you like to work on this goal?

* 4. Let's get specific: How often will you work on your goal?

* 5. Be even more specific:

How will you add a new behavior in or reduce a behavior you want to change?

For example, you answer must contain what you will do specifically and how often/when you will do it:

I will skip desserts on the selected days.
I will add a veggie to my plate on the selected days.
I will walk for 10 minutes every day selected.
I will try a new fitness class once per week.
I will go to bed one hour early at least three nights per week.