Southwest Corridor Park Garden Survey

The Southwest Corridor Park Management Advisory Committee (PMAC) would like to gather your thoughts about potential improvements to two specific garden spaces near Mass. Ave. in the Southwest Corridor Park (SWCP). (1.) The Rose Garden is an enclosed garden with a garden gate entrance near the corner where Wellington Street meets the Southwest Corridor Park. (2.) Northampton Green is the large greenspace in the park between Mass. Ave. station and Northampton Street. THIS SURVEY is designed for anyone who lives, works, eats lunch, walks, bikes, or spends time around these two garden areas. Thank you for participating in this survey!

See for photos of these gardens.

* 1. Do you live or work or travel near the Southwest Corridor Park? (Check all that apply)

* 2. About how often do you spend time in the Southwest Corridor Park?

* 3. How do you usually travel within the Southwest Corridor Park?

* 4. How often do you visit the Rose Garden?

* 5. What activities do you currently enjoy in the Rose Garden?

  Currently enjoy
Viewing roses
Sitting, reading, talking, sunbathing
Helping with gardening and weeding
Playing catch/throwing a ball
Dog walking
Yoga, tai chi or other exercise
Other (specify)

* 6. How often do you visit the Northampton Green area?

* 7. What activities do you currently enjoy in the Northampton Green area?

  Currently enjoy
Walking, biking, running
Sitting, reading, talking
Helping with gardening and weeding
Playing catch/throwing a ball
Dog walking
Yoga, tai chi or other exercise
Other (specify)

* 8. Would you be interested in any of the following activities?  If yes, where?

  Yes, in the Rose Garden Yes, in Northampton Green Yes, in other parts of the SWCP No, not interested
Chess / checkers game tables
Picnic tables
Horseshoe toss
Viewing/enjoying public art
Other (specify)

* 9. As we work to improve and enliven these park areas, we want to pay attention to public safety concerns within the park.  Please complete the following chart to indicate your experiences with public safety concerns.  In the past year, have you:

  In the Rose Garden In the Northampton Green area In the SWCP between Mass. Ave. and West Newton Street In the SWCP between West Newton Street and Back Bay Station
... felt uncomfortable because of the activities of others in the park
...felt worried about the well-being of other people (i.e., drug use, sleeping outdoors)
...felt concerned about your own safety in the park
...contacted police because of public safety concerns in the park
.... contacted parks and/or neighborhood groups because of public safety concerns in the park
As you may know, the SWCP gardens and landscaping are maintained by volunteers in partnership with DCR, the state parks agency. Volunteers have started brainstorming ideas for these two spaces. Which of the following ideas do you favor? What other ideas could you add?

* 10. Remove the hedge around the Rose Garden and replant for greater visibility and visual appeal.

* 11. Add game tables (chess, checkers) or a game area to the Rose Garden (such as horseshoes, bocci, etc.) to draw more people into the garden.

* 12. Add more lights to the Rose Garden.

* 13. Add a pathway in the Rose Garden, with a possible second entrance near the top of the garden.  (Not sure of feasibility, but please indicate whether you would favor such a change).

* 14. Add new native grasses and native plantings to the Northampton Green area.

* 15. Add new plantings to highlight the granite obelisks (poetry/prose installation) in the Northampton Green area.

* 16. Add public art, stones/rocks, or other non-plant landscape features to the Northampton Green area.

* 17. What other ideas and improvements would you suggest for these areas?

* 18. Would you like to be involved in working on any of these ideas and projects? (check all that apply)

* 19. If yes, how would you like to be involved?

* 20. Stay in touch!  After you click DONE you'll see links to sign up for our email list and/or like and follow our Facebook page.