Siberian Tiger by Michael Schwartz, Vevey, Switzerland

Smile by Alexey Mihailov, Moscow, Russia

Squirrel by Kirsty Arnold, Barnsley, UK

Walking with flamingos, Bolivia. Yatisha Patel, Wolverhampton, UK

Zebra Crossing by Pete Aighton, Devon, England, UK

Adult Emperor Penguin Feeding Her Chick By Ty Hurley, Rampton, Cambridge UK

Bird of Prey by Nathan Davies, Llanwrda, Wales, UK

Calf by Hannah Bryer, Beverley, UK

Charlie at sunrise by Jo Bryant, Katikati, New Zealand

Cricket by Ben Carpenter, Leicester, UK

grass hopper by Andrew Hague

Heart of hearts by Toma Evsukova, Chelyabinsk, Russia

Iggi at Chippewa Falls by Melissa Connors, Ontario, Canada

Jellyfish by Sharon Drueen, Monterey, CA, USA

Jumbo cry by Arivazhagan, Chennai, India

Juvenile Marine Iguana - Galapagos, Simon Crosbie, Costa Rica

King by Kenneth Mucke, Lawrenceville, Georgia, USA

Kitchen Dragonfly by Kartick Das, Kolkata, India

Orangutan by Josh Meadows, Devon, UK

MotherLove-BabyLove by David.W.Harris, Northampton, UK

What moo looking at by Graham Knox, Dalgety Bay, Scotland, UK

Beluga Whale by Curtis Matwishyn

Dalmatian Pelicans, Kerkini by Claudia Camilletti, Rome, Italy

Monkey eyes Lisa Jankowski Toronto

Karma karma karma karma, karma chameleon. You come and go, you come and go, Rohhan Pandya, Mumbai, India

Ants Eye View of an AshyPrinia by AshwinGokhale, Pune, India

Cheetahs In Love By John O Neil,l Waterford City, Ireland

Leopard Eyes by Stephanie Smith, CO, USA

Mesmerized by Tom Vogt, Fort Dodge, USA

Polar Bear by John Tozer, Melbourne, Australia

Sealions by Mona Bourlard (10), Belgium

Sled dogs by Alexander Utkin, Moscow, Russia

Monkey by Anna Klishina, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Squirral by Almas Galimov, Ufa, Russia

The Battle by Peter Beesley, Peterborough, UK

The little Green One by Gabor Dvornik, Szodliget, Russia

Turkey by Chris Morse, Merthyr Tydfil UK

by Daniil Korzhonov, Moscow, Russia

by Washington Irving, Moscow, Russia

Alone by Kirill Kotov, Moscow, Russia

Blackie by Marius Marcu, Timisoara, Romania

by Natalia Mamontova, Kirov, Russia

Chained by Sammy Shwairy, Mount Lebanon, Lebanon

Fox by Kohl Cook, Crooked Creek, Canada

Galloping by Affrika Nile, Cornwall, UK

Imagine Kenya by Shazaad Kasmani, Mombasa, Kenya

In Harmony by Stephan Osborn, New York City

King Tiki By Daniel Zazitski, Clearwater, Fl, USA

Leaf Monkey by Mohd Jerald Pinto, Pahang, Malaysia

Meerkat standing by Rev Canon Andrew Dow, UK

Monkey baby by Madina Turchaninova, Moscow, Russia

Ostrich shot by Dale Morris, Brackley, UK

Parenting love by Philomena Nunes, UAE

Playtime - Young Asian otters By Keith Page, Merseyside, UK

Rooney by Vladlen, Bryansk, Russia

Solar meal by Natalia Demchenko, Ekaterinburg, Russia

Teasing cat by Alina Kukhtenkova (Esther), Volgograd, Russia

WhatLayBeneath by Tim Szewczyk, Perth, W Australia

Almost swan by Galina Semenova, Russia

Alienbug by Samantha Penberthy, Australia

Australian King Parrot by Sharon Bandel, Melbourne, Australia

Barbary macaque by Tilly Travis, Shrewsbury, UK

by Anastasia Eremenko, Tomsk, Russia

Fly by Rita Tihonova, Syzran, Russia

Gold of autumn by Artem Karpuhin, Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia

Hummingbird by Michael Adler, Germantown, MD, USA

I'm watching you by Mike Roberts, Elgin, Moray, Scotland, UK

In Training by Justine Cornelius, Alaska

Lion Eyes by Karen Hanson Sharp, Las Cruces, USA

Mantis by CesarTorres, Viana do Castelo, Portugal

Mountain Goats by Josh Tack, Missoula, MT, USA

New Forest Deer by Paul Chambers,Salisbury, Wilts, UK

Peacock Plumage by Roan Manion, UK

Red Headed Rock Agama by Keryn Senn, SouthCarolina, USA

Sleeping Tarsier by Mardonie Cruz, Bulacan, Philippines

Swan Landing by William A Dobson, Ferrybridge, Yorkshire, UK

Tranquility by Tim Beccue (16), CA, USA

Watching you fixedly by Ezhena Bykova, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Wild Cows by Tom Rogers, Derbyshire, UK

Hoverfly In Air by Megan Travis, Shrewsbury, UK

Houston, you've got problems by Vladimir Lavrentyev, Tomsk, Russia

Deer in Austria by Jacki Lakin, West Mids, UK

Chipmonk Fattening Up For Winter by Darren Wainwright, Toronto, Canada

Baby by Anastasia Zhenihova, Moscow, Russia

Butter Fly riding by Win Tin Peters, Singapore

Butterfly in wonder garden by Nguyen Hiep, HaNoi, VietNam

by Anastasia Ivanova, Moscow, Russia

by Julia Lapova, Omsk, Russia

by Ekaterina Tarskina, Moscow, Russia

White butterfly on apricot blossom by Tom Young, Dietrich, idaho, USA

The Philosopher Cat by Christina Firsova, Saratov, Russian Federation

The Curious One, by Shamma Esoof, KualaLumpur, Malaysia

Soar by Carie McComas, Florida, USA

Snowy Owl by Mark Pike, Dorset, UK

Royal Bengal Tiger by Sujatha Rajagopalan, Hyderabad, India

Princess Portia by Ayshea Goldberg, UK

Pleased To Meet You by Rosie Burt, Northamptonshire, UK

I know there are fish by Anja Perse, Domzale, Slovenia

Hungry Caterpillar by Lucie Bevan, St. Albans, UK

Behind Bars by Adriana Gonzalez

Bolivian Dogs by Geraint Rowland, Cardiff, Wales, UK

by Eduard Kutygin, Ekaterinburg, Russia

by Olga Shibanova, Omsk, Russia

by Polina Chegurova, Saint-Petesburg, Russia

Cat Basia by Kornienko Danil, Mostovskoy, Russia

Lonesome Deer by Oona Tully, Phoenix Park, Dublin

Sibling Rivalry-Night Heron Young by Derek Burke, Kiwanis Lake, York, PA, USA

Sloth Bear by Janaka C. Jayasekara, Mohottimulla, Dankotuwa, Sri Lanka

Two Brothers by Gaurav Kalyani, Pune, India

Where The Elephant Rules by Subhojyoti Kanjilal, West Bengal, India

young Capra ibex jumping across the creek by Riccardo Oggioni, Monza, ITALY

The masterpiece and its author by Galina Tuchina, Voronezh, Russia

Red deer stag stands watchful as his harem of hinds graze by John Sinclair, New Forest, Hants, UK

parenting love by Philomena, Nunes, UAE

Osprey by Richard BAJOL, Abu Dhabi, UAE

On The Beach By Gail Johnson, Trearddur bay, UK

In Full Stride by John Burrell, Durhan, UK

Glistening Eyes by Vijesh, Bangalore, India

Fawn with Mother by Trevor Ward, Canmore, Alberta, Canada

Demoiselle Cranes by Rajen Makharia, Bombay, India

by Natalia Aryctamova, Sankt Peterbyrg, Russia

by Ikov Volkinid_Moscow_Russia

Autumn Deer by Leka Huie, Osaka, Japan

Air by Diane Lesser by Glendale, AZ, USA

Barn owl by Phillip Pilkington, Southport, UK

Bird in the sky by Richard BAJOL, Moorea Island, FRENCH POLYNESIA

Deep Slumber by Ravi Patel, New Jersey, United States

Giraffe by Den Wright, Grays, Essex

Gress by Irina Fokina, Arkhangelsk, Russia

On Guard by Martin Hollingworth, Etwall, Derby, UK

Ria enjoying Natures Finest Scents by Carol Wilkie, Scotland, UK

Squirrel by Richard Hill, Ipswich, UK,

The Traveling Kitty by Emily Sweet, Ontario, Canada

Valentino by Maria Andrews, Quincy, MA, USA

Wings's kingdom by Gonrawe Torre-Lopez, SouthGate , London, UK

Aerial Fight BY Eric Pollock, New Zealand

Brewster Beagle by Michelle Yorke, Boston, UK

by Denis Cherkashin, Ekaterinburg, Russia

by Dmitriy Lihotin, Nijniy Novgorod, Russia

by Petr Pokrovskiy, Moscow, Russia

by Vladimir Hazov, Vologda, Russia

Long Necked Creature by Yusuf Kadermia, South Africa

Monkey mother with Baby eating by sarit saliman, Uganda, Africa

Red Deer Stag by Alex Greene, Folkestone, Kent, UK

Run, Run, Run by Rebecca Davis Choisnel, Moncrabeau, France

Squirrel feeding by Wong Yu Liang, Malaysia

Talons of Death by Faizan Khan, Indore, India

Tensed Monkey by khan zahid,Khulna, Bangladesh

The Horse, by Marino Reljica Kostic, Pula, Craotia

Through the corn by Max Thompson, Somerset, UK

Trudi and Tia by Dariusz Durdyn, Norway

Wild fox by Anikina Tatiana, Ekaterinburg, Russia

White Rhino by Eddie Burger, Pretoria, RSA

Bad Feather Day by Tim Withall, Lyndhurst, England, UK

Best Friends by Maureen Light, Lincoln, Tx, U.S.ABest Friends

Blue by Tori Andrews, Colchester, Essex, UK

Clouded Leapard by Susan Nieland, Florida, USA

Determined Monkey by Brayden Mann, South Australia

European Eagle Owl by Tony Murtagh, Bicester, UK

Family portrait by H-Satish, Bangalore, India

Family portrait by Vittorio Ricci, Genova, Italy

Ghost and the darkness, Prakash Ramakrishnan, India

Harvest Mouse on Barley by Roy Langford, UK

I'm watching you by Ksenia Tambovtseva, Moscow, Russia

Kiss of a Eagle by Gaurav Chingale, Pune, India

Lynx by Elena Pushkina, Vladivostok, Russia

Mantis Mum by Bob Whorton, UK

Monkey by Carlos Mateo, Medina del Campo, Spain

Reaching Ringtail by Adam Phillips, Cardiff, UK

Swan of Esthwaite by Marks Maksimovs, Lake District, UK

Take Off by Chris Helliwel,l Wellington, New Zealand

Trio in Tanzania by Christopher Agius Ferrante, Texas, USA

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