Master of Social Work Alumnae/Alumni Survey

We need your help! The Eastern Michigan University School of Social Work is distributing this survey to people who graduated from our Master of Social Work program in the past five years. We are applying for a federal grant that will (if our application is chosen) allow us to offer fellowships to selected MSW students during their final year of school. As part of the application, we need to report on what kinds of jobs our recent graduates are now holding. Please help us aid future students by answering a few questions about your employment since graduating from Eastern Michigan University. (Note: if you graduated more than five years ago, please share your information with us as well – we love to hear how all our graduates are doing!) 

We will ask for your employer’s address but we do not intend to identify you. We need to report the types of communities our graduates work in (in addition to the type of work you are doing), and employer addresses will allow us to look up census data on each community. Information on the types of work our graduates do, and the types of communities in which our graduates work is the only information we will share with the potential funder. We will keep all of your specific survey responses confidential, seen by no one but the research team. Of course you may choose to not answer any question that you do not wish to respond to, but your responses will help us submit a successful application to help future MSW students.

                       Thank you so much for your help!

* 1. What year did you graduate from EMU with your MSW?

* 2. Are you currently employed?