* 1. How do you prefer to reach new music?

* 2. Do you prefer EPs or LPs? (5 songs vs. 12+ songs)

* 3. Do you care about accessing album lyrics?

* 4. What kind of album art do you like?

* 5. What album are you listening to most these days?

* 6. What's your favorite local venue for hearing local artists?

* 7. What style or genre of music interests you most recently?

* 8. I'm working on a new music project tentatively called "Fire and Steam" to be released in 2014. My last two albums were created in more of a vacuum than would have been ideal, so this short survey may help guide some decisions I make along the way. Thanks for your time and answers -- and thanks for your support and encouragement! If you have any other comments please add them here.