Thank you for taking the time to respond to our Survey! The more we know about you and your modeling practices, the better able we are to satisfy your needs.

1. How long have you been a model railroader?

2. How many hours per week do you spend performing any activity that relates to your hobby? This might include attending shows, reading, or shopping, as examples.

3. Please tell how many months of each year you are active in your hobby.

4. In what stage of development is your home layout?

5. If you do not have or plan to have a home layout, choose the item that best describes your modeling activities.

6. What is your primary modeling scale?

7. What is your primary modeling gauge?

8. What is your secondary modeling scale?

9. What gauge is your secondary modeling scale?

10. What factors did you take into consideration when selecting your scale/gauge?

11. What best describes the type of railroad being modeled?

12. What best describes the era that you have chosen to model?

13. If your layout is based on a region of the U.S., please indicate which area from the following list.

14. If you are basing your layout on a Canadian prototype or region, please select the area that most closely describes it.

15. If you are modeling after a region outside of the U.S. and Canada, please select the item from the list that best reflects this area.

16. How would you classify your modeling style?

17. How large is your layout?

18. What type of track are you using or plan to use?

19. What is your favorite part of building/having a layout?

  Where I most enjoy spending my time My second favorite activity I somewhat enjoy this activity I do not enjoy
Modeling a specific area/prototype
Running my Locomotives/Rolling stock

20. Other than the actual building of the layout, what is/are your primary areas of interest in model railroading?

  This is my favorite activity This is my second favorite activity I somewhat enjoy this activity I am not interested in this activity I dislike this activity
Modeling Locomotives
Modeling Cars
Building Structures/Bridges
Building Scenery
Operating my Layout
Prototype Modeling/Research
Track Work

21. What best describes your track plan?

22. How would you classify the type of modeler you are?

23. What type of control system are you using?

24. What kind of electronics are of interest to you?

25. How much do you estimate that you spend each month on your hobby?

26. There is no doubt that the economy has adversely affected the amount many modelers have to spend on their hobby. Please choose the item that best describes how it has affected your buying habits.

27. What magazine(s) do you regularly read?

28. There are many hundreds of manufacturers of model train products. How many of these companies have you purchased product from or are you familiar with? This is by no means a complete list!

29. Please select the items that best describe YOU.

  Male Female
Age Under 18
70 or older