Welcome to Sunnyvale Theatre Community Survey

Thank you for participating in this community survey; your input will help ensure the Sunnyvale Theatre is serving the interests and needs of the Sunnyvale community. In 2017, the California Theatre Center (CTC), closed their doors which created a void in Sunnyvale Theatre programming. The following survey will help staff identify community theater needs and interests and help fill the programming gap left by CTC.

Staff has already met with existing stakeholders (i.e. Sunnyvale Community Players, Sunnyvale Singers, etc.) to receive their feedback. These stakeholders are longtime City partners that are expected to continue in the current capacities.

In addition to this survey, the City is hosting a community meeting to discuss community interests relative to theater programming on Thursday, May 23, at 7 p.m. in the Sunnyvale Theatre, 550 E. Remington Dr., 94087.

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