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We are dedicated to providing a harassment-free, safe, and inclusive experience for everyone, regardless of personal and professional background, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, dis-/ability, physical appearance, body size, race, class, age, or religion. For more info, visit our Code of Conduct on our website here.

If you notice any violations to our Code of Conduct by anyone, please don't hesitate to report it!  Our Conduct Committee (Klie K., Carla G., Nick S., and Shannon D.) will receive your comments and respond accordingly.  If you have any other concerns not outlined above, or if you feel that we could do a better job at creating a welcoming, inclusive space for everyone, please also let us know that too. 

Lastly, your response is confidential and will only be seen by the committee listed above.  If you wish to remain anonymous, it is absolutely your right to do so (after all - that's why we made this!).  Alternatively, please leave your contact information if you want us to speak to you in person or via email/phone. 

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