Wisconsin Caregiver Advise, Record, Enable (CARE) Act - 
Presented by the Wisconsin Aging Advocacy Network (WAAN)

Wisconsin is one of only a few states that has not yet passed the CARE Act into law. This proposed legislation allows hospitals and family caregivers to work together to best support the care and well-being of the patient after discharge. The CARE Act promotes proper care transition and lessens the burden on hospital staff, family caregivers and patients by lowering the rate of hospital readmissions.

For more information regarding the CARE Act see: Supporting Family Caregivers, One State at a Time: The CARE ACT.

If you are struggling to find resources in your area, click the link below:
1.Do you feel like there could be improvements in the discharge process to support family caregivers?
2.Do you feel caregivers should be identified on the patient chart (with the patient's consent) and included in the discharge planning process?
3.Do you support passage of the CARE Act in Wisconsin, which will require hospitals to do three things:
  1. Ask patients if they have a family caregiver they wish to have noted on their chart,
  2. Contact that person if the patient is to be discharged or transferred, and
  3. Teach the family caregiver how to provide the care they will need to provide the patient after discharge.
4.Would you like to receive updates on the Wisconsin CARE Act?